Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I love Saturday mornings

I love these pictures. It shows our weekend. Usually I try to clean up and straighten everything. But I took it slow on Saturday and just enjoyed my family. The first picture shows the chairs surrounding the daddy project that we so intently watched. There is a puzzle that I mostly worked on that the kids would come and help here and there. There is also my book on the table that I finished reading that morning and a box that some computer parts came in that Don put in the computer that we got from some friends and we just added a couple of things (we have been blessed).

The second picture is of my bathroom. No I am not trying to show the uncleanliness, but the left over of a fun day in the sun and water with friends and again a project that Don did to help the house. The afternoon of my Saturday got a bit more crazy, but we had fun bonding time in the morning. I love Saturday mornings.

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