Sunday, June 20, 2010


For play group last week we went to IJAMS park. No it is not pronounced I jams, but I-ams. It is a nature park that has a little discovery center and LOTS of trails. Here is one of the rangers showing us an albino box turtle. They give it 15 minutes of sun everyday to help it get vitamin D.

After that we went walking on a trial. Strollers and all. There were five mommies, three strollers, and thirteen kids. Alice was packing her baby and was the fun mom pointing out all the cool bugs and dead fish. We walked until we came to a boardwalk and got to see some pretty views. Here is Holly looking out at the river and a bunch of the kids climbing a bolder.

Josh and I.

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  1. I'll trade you. Next time you can be the cool mom and I'll be the skinny bout it? :)

    I am so glad we went last week. It was so much fun. I wish more people could have enjoyed the day with us.