Sunday, October 31, 2010

Family movie night

For our family movie night we rented How to Train your Dragon. Both Don and I give it thumbs up. We popped popcorn for the kids and had them get blankets and pillows out. As a treat they get to eat the popcorn in the living room.

It was funny to watch Holly get into the show. At one point she was sitting up with her hand over her mouth, like oh-no. The next moment she was shaking her hands that were balled up in fists. She was totally into it.

Josh was so sucked in he barely touched his popcorn, and that is saying something. Even more he only took one bite out of his kit-kat bar.

The kids have decided that they love movie night. Don's on board as well, we were thinking about doing the first Star Wars next. Hmmm....

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