Wednesday, October 20, 2010

First time to the dentist.

Josh and Holly went to the dentist the first time this week. I know, I know I took long enough getting them there! When I found out that our insurance pays for all of a check up I was like sign me up.

Holly went first. Now let me tell you it was a pediatric dentist, so it is all geared for kids. There were toys and fun things. There were movies and the Disney channel. Above each chair is a flat screen tv. That is playing some fun movie. When I was a kid it was a colorful poster. Each child got a new toothbrush, balloon and a fun little toy. Holly did fine until the end when they wanted to paint vitamins on her teeth. She clenched her mouth shut and did not want to have anything to do with it. It wasn't until later I found out why. She said, once we got home, "Mommy, I can still suck my thumb!" She thought the stuff that they were going to put on her would keep her from doing such. When she realized she could suck her thumb she decided it wasn't so bad at the dentist. So, much so that Josh was excited for his turn.

Which turned out to be the next day. He did great until they were going to suck out the saliva with "Mr. Thirsty". The suction noise got to him and freaked him out. He survived to go another day. Both kids are cavity free, yeah!

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