Friday, October 15, 2010

Fall Festival

Our Stake ( this is several a group of several of our congregations. Several ward, congregations, makes a stake. Several stakes makes a region and so forth and so forth. We like organization.) through a fall festival. My kids had to eat the chili from the chili contest, which they weren't happy to do, but after that they were in heaven. There was a bounce house, a carousel, face painting, popcorn, homemade root beer, crafts and balloons for all. It was a great time! I hope they do it again.

Poor Josh just barely fit on the carousel, but he was happy. He had a monster painted on his face and Holly had one cheek with a witch and a bat on the other. To round out our evening we went and got pumpkins at Aldi's (only 1.99 a flat price and their a decent size!) The kids had the best weekend ever!

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