Sunday, October 10, 2010


The other day I was thinking when I was driving. That's were I do my best thinking, there the shower and just before I go to sleep. All the hardest places to write down a thought. So anyways I was thinking about how I gain so much from the women around me.
From my friend Elizabeth, I have learned to try new food and you can make them healthy. To try new ways to help the earth like recycle.

From my friend Kim, that you can make money in all sorts of ways. Selling stuff on e-bay, writing articles for different sites, selling clothes and consignments. You can also make many of your own things. She is my resourceful gurroo!

From my friend Alice, that you should always be yourself and never apologize for it. She is so Alice that you love her and admire her for being a strong women.

From my friend Susan, sewing and canning. She is not the stereotypical Molly Mormon, but she knows so many things and inspired me to do them as well.

From my friend Katie, to be more layed back. Katie is not lazy at all she gets everything done, but just takes things as they come and doesn't freak out. She is loving with all kids and has an abundance of patience even if she would never admit it.

From my friend Lindsey, to serve. Lindsey will put down everything to help someone and she is not a bragger. When I hear of a person in the ward that needs something, you can bet that she has been there or is getting a meal or whatever. That girl is so humbly giving.

From my friend Ronna, to give freely. Ronna doesn't think oh I can't give them this or that. She knows that you need baby clothes she will get them. You need this for yourself she will get it. She is always giving.

From my friend Aimee, to always prepare. Aimee is really good at preparing. Preparing to be healthy for pregnancy, preparing for financial hard times, preparing for her families future. She isn't a nut or a fanatic, but in her own way she is so good at preparing for the future.

From my friend Emily, to pray. Emily is the best prayer. I learned from her to turn to prayer in all things. She prays when she is angry, in need of guidance, thankful, for all points in her life.

You know I could go on and on. I have learned so much from the women around me. Things that I am still trying to implement in my life. If I have not mentioned your name it doesn't mean that I haven't learned from you or you haven't touched my life. And don't get me wrong those that I have mentioned have many wonderful traits and gifts that I didn't even talk about, but these are things that touch me. I am so glad to be surrounded by such women. You are all awesome thank you for improving my life.


  1. Oh Stacey you are the sweetest!!! Thanks for the nice compliment!! You are a wonderful friend and I have learned a lot from you too... You rock at budgeting, something I am still trying to aspire to. It is not an easy task and you are so talented at it! You are a great listener. On our walks I always felt that I could tell you anything! You made me feel very comfortable and I trust you! You are a Super Mom and I want to be just like you!! You always have fun things planned for your kids and I love how consistent you are with them!! Basically Stacey you are AMAZING!! Love ya!
    p.s. PLEASE come and visit me/sacred grove!! I miss you and would love to see you and your family! Talk it over with Don and maybe you guys can come out sometime soon!

  2. Thanks Stacey. I used to give and serve and prepare, but now I am a lot happier just being me and doing the best that I can. LOL

    This really is a great compliment and you are sweet to compliment your friends on your blog. This will more than likely be the highlight of my day, so thanks so much.

    Stacey is the most awesome multi-tasker. Seroiusly, there isn't a thing that this girl can't do. She even observes her friends so that she can learn things she doesn't feel like she already knows. This requires great humility which I also admire about you.

    Thanks for making my world a happier place.

  3. Love you Stacey! You are so thoughtful. I enjoyed the time we had living next to each other. I always love how positive you are about things. You always have a friendly smile for everyone. And you are so eager to embrace life and try and fill your life with good things. I also admire how you plan things for your children. I always have struggled with that. Thanks for sharing on your blog!

  4. Stacey, You really are wonderful, i am positive that this is the highlight of my week. You are alsways so willing to share yourself. i am so grateful that we are friends, Our "cleaning" talks are some of my favorite. Thank you for being you.

    You are an amazing mom. When I think of you i think of how much your kids love you. Holly get SO excited to have her mommy time and it is because you are such a great mommy. And I agree that you are so positive, i dont hink I have ever seen you without a smile on your face! I love ya!