Sunday, September 13, 2009

Wow, A Campfire!

After swimming there was a nice campfire to sit around and cook hot dogs on a stick, and smores. All the families brought something to share and eat. This was awesome especially for Josh. He kept wanting to throw sticks and wood into the fire. Don, had gone home and I was watching kids and cooking by myself. Holly was sticking like glue to Jessica's side, no worries there. Josh on the other hand was sneaking sweets and chips, someone poured him Root Beer. He took one swig and spat it out telling the mom, "This is yucky!". I know he thinks he was sly and I didn't notice any of this, but I was well aware and just letting him live it up for a special holiday.
By the way it was the first time that I had had a smore in over 6 years, it was delicious!

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