Friday, September 4, 2009


I discovered something today. I love to grocery shop (as long as it is only with one happy child, no children is bliss). I love trying to get the deal. I like walking the aisles everything organized and stocked. I like searching through the marked down items and seeing if I have a coupon to make it even cheaper. I love it when there are samples and I discover something wonderfully new and exciting. I love to prepare and get ready to go, with my list and coupons and ads in my binder. I like the feeling of HA I get that for FREE, or hey, toilet paper you weren't advertised marked down, but I have a coupon and now your under a buck! I love to hear the total and hand over that stack of coupons, like yeah, that's right, take off another 48 percent! I want to beat the store. I want to have my savings higher than my bill. Does it take time? OH YEAH! Is it worth it to me? DEFINITELY. I want to chant as I go out the door, "I'm saving money, I'm saving money". This is not for the faint heart, or the shopper that needs to get-in and get-out, but you know what I like the hunt! I can't wait to have my own pantry and fill it. AHH-Ha-Ha-Ha

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