Sunday, September 27, 2009

Gold Stars

Okay, I am just going to be honest. I joined Weight Watchers. There I put it out there to the whole cyber void. I decided enough is enough and I want to recognize myself. I went to a meeting this week and they were talking about small accomplishments. The leader was saying that we have to be proud of ourselves for small goals (not just weight goals) along the way. Or when we get to that size or weight we won't be truly happy. So here are some gold stars for myself from Friday.
*I went walking and even some jogging with an extra child in my double stroller and I did some strength training after. (GOLD STAR)
* I didn't steal Joshes brownie (GOLD STAR)
*I drank more water (GOLD STAR)
* I went to the grocery store and only got the things really on sale, 6 containers of cleaning products for four dollars, and not all the other stuff I had coupons for going outside our budget (GOLD STAR)
*I took time out to play with my daughter when I just wanted to read (GOLD STAR).

What gold star items have you done for yourself. If you had a calendar and put a gold star on it for every item you did every day. I bet you would see a gold piece of paper by the end of the month. We are too hard on ourselves and don't give ourselves the "hey good job" as often as we should. Here's your GOLD STAR!

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