Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Baby Steps

Yeah! Don taped and mudded. Then I had to pick a color to paint our kitchen. I have lived in apartments for the last 8-9 years I have dreamed of painting walls amazing colors. I had this HUGH swatch thingy-magigy in front of me. I put it next to the counters and the cabinets and I total wimped out. I could not find a color. So, here is my tan with a hint of peachish color on the wall. I told myself that once we lived there a bit and I got more daring I could repaint! ( Don is gonna try to install the cabinets and counters Wednesday night, so more updates to come!)
I will say that I got a sample of 'Mulled Spice' paint for the dining room! Well I plan to only paint 1/4 of the room and the other 3/4 of the wall will be Ochre. Baby Steps.

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