Sunday, September 13, 2009

Holly's Birthday

We celebrated Holly's birthday this week. She turned three. She wanted a princess cake. That is all she would say when I asked her what she wanted for her birthday. Well, this wasn't my best work, but she loved it. Poor Barbie was a little tipsy and leaning to the side. She is suppose to be Aurua, or as Holly would say "Sleeping Booty". She was excited about her gifts, Dora stuff and dolly house stuff. Not to mention a dress that was opened, as all clothes are, and pushed to the side quickly. Oh, when she opened a little Elmo figurine (that I got in the Target dollar section) she pushed his tummy and said, "He doesn't talk!" All in all it was a great birthday!


  1. Great cake! Happy birthday, Holly! I love the automatic pushing Elmo's belly to make him do something.

  2. Did you make the was very cute!! I love the face Holly is making!!!