Monday, November 1, 2010

Trunk or Treat take two

Our ward had a trunk or treat on Saturday night. First we had a chili dinner. I brought Arwen's White Chicken Chili, Tina's cornbread and my first ever apple pie, with Ma-ga's Pie crust. (I don't like making up my own recipes).

Holly decided to be a witch for this one, and I didn't get a decent pic., but oh well.

Sister Turner was looking scary. I love the eyelashes. She actually scared my kids on their second time around the parking lot.

The Hammond's had brains you had to dig through to get a skull out and find out which bag you could get candy out of. Holly was scared to put her hand in. (it was just cold speghitti, but it really freaked her out). Everybody did an excellant job this year.

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