Friday, November 19, 2010

Mommy Joshie date

Where has the time gone! What happen to this little boy that fit in my arms not this boy that is getting too close to my shoulder!

Josh and Holly both had "Make good choices chart" when they made good choices they got a sticker. At the beginning they got to choose their reward. Josh wanted water colors and ice cream with mom. Holly wants a date with Daddy.

Josh and I had a hard time finding a water color with the book of pictures that wasn't girlie. He was really going for superheros, transformers or star wars. We did have great success with the ice cream. As we were eating ice cream I asked Josh why he is growing up so fast? I told him he better slow down or the next thing I would know he would be getting married and moving into his own house. All of the sudden he got really sad. "Mom I don't want to leave!" I tried to explain and thought I had done a good job until as we were walking to the car and he asked me "When will I have to have a new mom and dad?" I was like what! He said "You said I'd go to a new house, when will I have to go?" Tears started to form in his eyes. I was like forget I ever said anything. You will always be my Josh and you are stuck with me forever. Oh break my heart!

That was the drama of our date. The sweetness was when he asked if he could bring some of the M&M's that were in a cup (to go on the ice cream) home for Holly. That's my sweet boy. He still has a strong hold on my heart.

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