Monday, November 8, 2010

Crushin on Jack

See this sweet LITTLE girl. She has a crush on a boy at church. Holly is four, Jack is 11 (his birthday is next month). Holly is in preschool, Jack is in 6th grade. Holly likes to dress up like a princess, Jack is an ice skater. (He is actually the nutcracker this year in the "Nutcracker"). Holly asks about Jack all the time, Jack only notices her when she is in his face (but, he is a real sweet kid). Holly is learning to read, Jack can write and read his own talks.

Earlier this week we went to Jack's house (while he was at school) to meet with his mom and other ladies for lunch. Holly on the car over, "Is Jack going to be there?". Holly on the way home, "When can we go to Jacks house again?, Next time we go will Jack be there?". Later in the day I called Jacks mom, Holly was in the background, "Is Jack home now? Can I talk to him?" I told her no. She is too young to talk to any boys on the phone. Oh, help us!

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