Thursday, November 4, 2010

First Grade Field Trip

Josh had his first, first grade field trip. I chaperoned! Who knew that you had to pay to be a parent on a field trip. This is my little group of kids that I was in charge of. For the most part they were a good group. We went to the Little Ponderosa Zoo. It is a shelter for animals that either have been abused or abandoned. They had kangaroos, just look at that little Joey.

They had pony rides, very exciting. And all the kids were thoroughly grossed out when the horses pooped.

I loved the sign by the camels and llamas. "Beware of Spit"

Josh thought this deer was really cute.

My favorite part of it was when the owner had the kids gather around this cage had more fencing in 2 feet in front of it. There was a monkey in there that was acting all crazy. Biting it's own foot etc. He told the kids how this monkey had lived in a little cage in the kitchen of a meth lab. The people had it there so they could see if the fumes were getting deadly. If the monkey died then they would know to get out. This monkey he said was mean and crazy and had been effected by the drugs. He said if anyone ever offers you drugs or even talks to you about drugs, I want you to remember this monkey. Do you want to be like him? Crazy, lonely, mean to everyone? This is what drugs do to you. Don't do drugs. I felt like it was a powerful lesson.

I tried to keep the kids attention along the way by playing eye spy. When we were waiting our turn for the pony rides. Red light, green light when we walked around looking at the animals, and Do as I'm doing while waiting to get back on the bus on the way home. Josh yells out No, mom, that's a church one. I just said shhh and kept playing.

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