Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Play ball.

Okay, so the other day was really nice weather. They say it is going to be the last of warmish weather. I was outside putting my garden beds to rest. Which is funny in its self since I have no idea what I am doing as I put dead grass clippings, leaves and dried garden rubbish in the beds with dirt on top. Hopefully something magical will happen before spring.

Any who. Josh was out there and I thought I should try teach him how to hit a baseball. You would laugh if you knew nonathletic I am. I never hit the ball, but the ball seems to hit me in all sports. But here goes nothing. I tried to show him how to hit. That wasn't too successful. So we started with tossing the ball back and forth and keeping our eye on the ball. Then he threw it to me so I could hit it. Then he tried hitting it. By the time we were done he actually did get some hits in. I think he could of hit more if I was better at pitching, but its the time spent not the ability right? I said RIGHT?

(He was pretty proud to show Don later on:) ) opps double chin.

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