Thursday, November 18, 2010

Our new door

Our latest basement reno update. Don has finished mudding and sanding my room. He just needs to finish the laundry area, which he has a goal to finish this next Saturday. Yeah!

This could mean that I could paint, but I have elected to wait until he is done mudding his room. He is almost done
tapping it; he'd probably have finished yesterday, but we

decided to put in the door.

This is the door that goes between Don's man cave and the garage. It is a heavy duty door and the first that Don has hung himself. I think that he had fun using all his toys... I mean tools, but the actual getting it to fit perfect was not as fun. In the end it as worked. So here is our door. Tah-dah!

So he gets his room done. Than we paint, then the flooring goes in and some homemade cabinetry, then furniture, and decorate and , and, and. Well, we aren't super close to being done, but closer.


  1. Kudos to Don for getting his man-cave door up all on his own! I’m sure it wasn’t easy getting the door down to the right size. It’s easier to decrease than to increase, so he had to be very precise about how much he was taking off of the door at a time! It looks like he did a pretty good job with that!

    - Terry Arnold

  2. Let me echo Terry’s congratulations to Don for doing a great job with the door! I hope his work on it has proven sturdy and stable. I agree with your thought that the painting should come before the flooring goes in, so that any paint splashes can be covered up by the flooring. Did you paint Don’s door as well, or did you just choose to give it a wood stain and some varnish?

    ~ Danielle Bailey ~