Monday, September 20, 2010

I'm an awful mom

This week Josh was walked to the car by his teacher. My first thought was, oh great he did something wrong today. When she got to the car she explained that when he was on the playground he was playing tag with someone else and ran into a pole. Then I thought, great he chipped a tooth. It turned out his gums bleed a little and she hugged him until he stopped crying, by the end of recess he was fine. It wasn't until she was done that I finally thought, oh Josh I'm sorry!

Side story this pic was taken when we went to Dollywood this summer, everything ended up closing due to lighting being in the area. We kept promising different things to the kids, when we got to the water area and it was closed too, Josh started to whine about there being no water to play in. I being the awesome mom, opened my water bottle and threw water in his face. Yep, I'm an awful mom.

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  1. Classic mom story...if you're a bad mom for these, then we're all bad moms. There's no hope for the world!!