Sunday, September 19, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!

I think that this is the one day that I get messages on my facebook. I felt really special with all the greetings. I tried to get as many meals for free and eating out on my birthday. Breakfast was a hard one. If you think that you can get free doughnuts from Krispy Kremes because a site on the Internet says you can it's not true! I did get a sub from Firehouse Subs, free ice cream from 31 flavors and some free stuff at Texas Roadhouse for dinner. I still have coupons for Famous Daves and Red Robin that I need to use. I was really excited about my presents. Don and the kids got me a fun game Banana Grams, my parents got my a collection of Elisabeth Gaskell movies. I got more too but I don't need to tell you everything. Don bought me a whole cheesecake for my birthday cake. I LOVE CHEESECAKE!!! Especially chocolate.

So now that I turned 35 I was thinking what's next. I did the childhood chapter of my life, teenager, missionary, single, get married, have kids chapter. Now what? I know that I am still a wife and a mother and I do not down these precious things. I love being a mom and having a family. I just feel like I need to more to better the world. I was trying to think of hobbies I like to do, read, garden, eat (opps that really isn't a hobby, but I do enjoy it). I don't know how to turn these things into helping the world. I do plan to volunteer at Josh's school next year when Holly will be there too, but I should have a plan for now. I want to better myself and do something for my neighbors and city. I just am not sure what direction to go into. I am still pondering. If I figure it out I will let you know.

Not to be a downer. My birthday was great, the lady at the restaurant even gave us an extra helping of free ice cream with four spoons. I love free.

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