Sunday, September 5, 2010

I want to get married!

Holly is obsessed with getting married. She likes to tell me, "Mommy you and daddy our married and that is why you kiss, or sleep in the same bed." She has even started to talk to strangers and asking if they are married and if they kiss. She has decided of late that she is Ariel and she is going to marry Eric. When Katarina was here they dressed up often to go get married. Katarina looked super cute in these purple shoes that were twice the side of her feet. In this first picture Holly was saying, "Mommy, please can I pretend to get married, PLLLEEEAASSEE!!!". Yeah, I can't wait until dating time comes around. Whoopee.

1 comment:

  1. cute! Yeah, she talks about getting married alot in class. When I ask what they want to be when they grow up she always says "I wanna get married & be a Mommy!". Once I asked, "Do you want to be something else too? Before you're a Mommy?". She shot me a look, said "No, I said I'm gonna be a Mommy.". I don't ask anymore :P I was the same way though when I was little. Just ask my mom. She always had to pretend to be a boy so I could get married.