Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What isle did they come on?

Seriously, this is my kids favorite spot to be when I shop. If I can at all avoid taking them to do big shopping I do, but we had been out of town and it was time to do my monthly shopping s I was desperate. I have to say I was proud of them, they were really good as I dragged them to all my stores. Even at the last store I would point to an item and say, "Holly I need 3 cans of this, Josh I need 5 packages of these", and they thought it was fun to put it in the cart. You know you might need a 12 step shopping program when you just have to buy ketchup that is 48oz marked down to a dollar, but you have a coupon for 20 cents that you know the store will double making it 60 cents. This is not so bad, but when you already have 8 bottles at home, you should probably admit, you have an addiction!

1 comment:

  1. I have an addiction to coupons and a nosiness addiction. I couldn't help but notice all that diet cola AND your ecofriendly shopping bags. :)

    I am now going to give up trying to live up to your energy level because I know it is just a caffeine high. Just kidding. I really am amazed by ALL that you do.

    And your kiddos are great. I am sure they are so helpful when shopping, which is huge, because seriously, how many kids are really helpful while shopping.

    I just love you Stacey. And I am also going to comment on your other post so I don't have to wait for another download. I didn't know I was rockin out to the music. I forgot, but thank you so much for NOT posting pictures of me. I hate pictures of me because they make me NOT be able to still pretend I look like I did in high school.

    Lastly, tell Don I really enjoyed his talk on Sunday.

    Oh, and I bought two bottles of Hunts ketchup, even though my family doesn't even like that kind and I have at least 10 bottles of Heinz in my food storage already...I will sneak it into shepherd's pie and sloppy joes.
    60 cents..you can't resist. I was bummed I only had two coupons.