Monday, July 19, 2010

My handy man- updates and repairs

Okay, so two Fridays ago I was bringing in the groceries and when I closed the garage door the stroller was in the way and the sensor didn't stop it which adds up to a bent garage door. I thought for sure that Don was going to kill me, we had just replaced the door less than a year ago. I called up his work crying and apologizing, he didn't think that it was a big deal. In fact he thought that it was better the stroller than a child being crushed. He spent two Saturdays ago replacing the garage door. Putting in a new top panel (now we have three more panels in case anything goes arye), a new motor, and sensor lights. So now no harm can come to the door or any of us for that matter.

This Saturday, part of Don's time was preparing my new room for this coming Saturday day's of crazy. He put the framing for the back wall. This coming up sat. we are turning off the water, there will be sautering, dry walling and tape/mudding, insulating the works. And hopefully we will be at the next step, for that wall at least, when he is done on Saturday. I am so excited!

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