Sunday, July 25, 2010

3 going on 13

Today when I was done doing Holly's hair (which these pictures you can't really tell what they look like) I had her look in the mirror telling her that she looked so cute. I had put her hair up in two little buns with butterfly clips in each bun, she looked adorable. She took one look and insisted I take them out she said, "Mom I look silly!" Okay, I thought we weren't suppose to have that kind of objection at least until 9 yrs oldish. She was actually horrified and didn't want anybody to see her hair like that. After her dad and I told she looked beautiful she decided it was okay. Some of Holly's comments crack me up.

She is though not to be out done by her brother; who came into my bathroom while I was putting on my make-up and asked, "Mom are you painting". Thanks Josh.

Holly and Josh have gotten hearts from our music leader at church because they have sang with their hearts. They are to wear them every week and continue to sing loud, clear and with their hearts. I thought this was a clever idea from our awesome music leader, I love Sister Brown!

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