Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Piping, Piping, Piping!

This Saturday we ( and when I saw we I mean Don while I was the runner) demoed our old plumbing and put in new copper pipes. Also we moved our water heater, put up framing and a little green board in our laundry area. This was a huge project that started in the morning, no wait Don started prepping weeks ago, but we didn't finish until 2am.

We only had two leaks and that was because in Don's prep work he didn't solder all the pipes some he just got into possession he was going to finish all the soldering at once. Well one of the cold water and one of the hot water lines got missed. My husband amazed me as he quickly turned off the water, dried the lines, put some bread (yes, bread) in the lines to soak up moisture and soldered them. Yeah another point done in the basement reno!

Here are our old pipes the grayish ones, boy those ones had some nasty build up in them, and here our new pipes the lovely copper.

Here is the before water heater with pipes coming from the ceiling in a kind of PVC fashion. Notice no framing on the wall behind it. Then our new plumbing and framing. Don put up green board where the piping will be coming in through the wall, actually there will be green board on this whole wall, and insulation and lighting, but that is another Saturday.

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  1. This kind of stuff just blows my mind! So amazing that you guys are redoing pretty much the whole house! Awesome!