Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Make a splash

Well, I am sure you would never guess where we went for playgroup. The splash pad, but this was one that we had never been to before, we are running the circuit. Holly is here with some friends she so desperately wants to be one of the girls. She loves playing with Brielle and adores Bella. She like girls her own age too like Mabel, but she really wants to be one of the big girls. This whole day she followed them around.

Josh on the other hand loves to play with everyone or by himself. This day he had a great time with Benson (4yrs old) and every now and then made silly faces at Charlie and let Charlie push him or laugh at him (Charlie is 18 months old). The park that we went to also had a park adjoining it. It was super hot and us moms were just trying to stay in the shade with the babies.

Have I mentioned I love playgroup. I am going to miss it when school starts next month. Man this summer is flying!

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