Thursday, July 22, 2010

Presents and Art

For Josh's birthday he got some money from different people. This last weekend we took him down the toy aisles to pick out what he wanted. I thought he would be trying to fill up the cart. He himmed and haaed over things, and thought about things. I don't need this because I already have an ironman or I don't need any more GI Joes. He did really lean towards the Toy Story stuff, but we told him he couldn't get anything he already had. Plus the buzz that talked cost too much.

Finally he decided upon this transformer. It doesn't transform, but it talks and has a light laser and wings to fly. He really likes it. He also got a Toy Story 3 water paint set and a Toy story 3 coloring book.
Today he colored this, using his toy as the model. I was pretty impressed. It is not the smoothest coloring, but I thought that he did really good for a budding artist!

My boy and his toy. (Notice the Toy Story P.J's).

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