Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tough Week for Don

Two Stories:

This week I was doing school work with Holly. I was letting her pick a vocab. card and then having her practising sounding it out so she could read it. The first one was red. RRREEEDDD. She got it quite fast the next one was for. That took a little more work. The last one was has. HH AA SSS. HHHAAASS. "Has, mommy, has, like has been, Daddy is a has been." (She meant husband, it was something we had talked about earlier when she wanted Uncle Mike to be her brother).

I cut my families hair. Dons isn't hard and I figured for the kids if I started young enough by the time they cared I be able to do a decent job. I cut Don's hair Saturday night after the kids went to bed, it was getting pretty shabby looking. We were sitting in sacrament today and Don was kinda leaning over to pray. Josh looked at him and said, "Daddy, you have hardly any hair left!".

So to sum up Dons week, his daughter thinks he 's a has been and his son pointed out that he is going bald, TOUGH WEEK!

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