Sunday, April 11, 2010

Projects and punishments

Don has started to run new pipe in the basement, to get ready for enclosing another section. He only got to do some, because we ran out of money. Same goes for the framing. I must say that he did it faster than I thought he could.

One day Don and I were actually punishing the kids. They had gone out front without asking permission first. To some of you, you might think big deal. You would change your mind if you saw how fast people drive on our street that is a 35 mile an hour road. So after talking until we were blue in the face, I suggested they go in the backyard and pick up sticks, rocks that they had put through out the lawn, etc. Don and I did a project too. We cleared off the many many planters that were on out porch. Hung some of the hanging baskets and put some pots on our front porch. Now to get plants for all of them.
As for the children and there punishment, I don't think it sunk in. The next Monday, Josh was playing in the backyard, I was out front by our neighbors hanging laundry (I wanted to try it, I had never done it before) I came back in through the garage. A little while later, I went back up stairs and saw a little boy running up to my door. I thought that's odd. It was Josh! He wanted to go say hi to our neighbor and he didn't go through the front door, so he thought it was okay. Argghhh.

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