Sunday, April 25, 2010


I have been trying to explain, demonstrate, push and encourage Josh into swinging by himself. I just thought he should know by 5 yrs old, and 6 is creeping up on us, how to swing by himself. You know you think that the basic concept is easy, but I guess it is one of those riding on a bike kinda things, once you get the feel it just CLICKS. He was doing this keep my body stiff and rock back and forth on the seat kinda thing. This week he gets home from school and he is swinging. So it was probably some kid from school that taught him, but I laid a lot of ground work and Josh practiced. Yeah, HE FINALLY GETS IT!

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  1. Hooray Josh! Yes, it has to just click-- Luke just recently went through the same thing, and once they get it they just TAKE OFF! I really need to anchor our swing set, because it seems like he's going to go flying or something! Anyway, I hope you are all doing well and enjoying springtime. I miss you lots--Julie just moved to UT, and at her going away party we were reminiscing about old times, and our Disneyland trip came up. Why do good friends move away?? Totally stinks! xo, Lindsay