Sunday, April 18, 2010

My garden

Have you ever been so excited about something you can hardly sleep the night before? I was so excited, because this last Saturday we were going to put in my very first garden, in my very first house. We were going to till the dirt and build boxes 5 6X6 boxes. I have my plans drawn up where things are going to be planted. I have some of my seeds started and ready to plant. I am WAY EXCITED!!!

Friday I ask Don what time do you want to get the tiller. he says noon. In my head I am screaming "NOON, NOON Are you kidding me?". I know we have some other stuff to do so I settle down and call all around to find where we can rent one. (My bishop was even willing to let us borrow his, but it was broken)

It's Saturday before noon. I call Home Depot (first come first serve) to see if there is one in stock. After calling 3 different stores I finally find one. We drive out there and discover we had no idea how big it was going to be and we only had our cars. The helpful man behind the counter said we could rent one of their trucks, but that means we would have to till are never been tilled boxes in 45 minutes, to get the truck back in time. UGHHH!! You know honestly I wanted to throw a child's fit right there in the store. I had built this up so much and waited and now someone came along and popped my bubble. I did kinda act like a child. I finally got over it when I went to the garden center of the store and drooled over all the plants.

So final wrap up. Brought the kids home feed and put them down for a nap. Went out to shop on my own. Spent an hour at the fabric store and only spending 5 dollars; went to 2 different garden centers and spent more than 4 times that at those place; came home and planted flowers and Don is going to borrow a truck from work so we can till some time this week. I hope.

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