Tuesday, March 22, 2011

One bad apple

Last week I tried to make a key lime pie for FHE dessert. I totally had a bum recipe, but I got a better recipe from my neighbors and since re-made a key lime pie. When buying limes for said pie (by the way never make key lime pie unless limes are on sale) I heard Josh say,"Holly, no!" I turned around in time to see Holly putting an apple back that she had taken a bite out of.

Mommy was not a happy camper. I really should have counted to 10 first, but I spanked her cute tooshie and told her that, that was considered stealing and that she would have to tell the manager, mommy would have to buy the apple, she would have to tell daddy what she did, she would only be able to play in her bedroom the rest of the day. She was more afraid to tell daddy than the manager. The manager was a little too nice, though Holly barely whispered what she did and then hid behind me. Daddy and I passed further punishment that dinner would have to be that apple. Any of you that know Holly would think that this was no big deal, she loves fruit. We were having a meal with a lot of things that she loved and we had a dessert, which was unusal for that time of the week. At one point she was full, but I made her eat it all, because she had to have it. I know I'm the meanest mom ever.

We did explain how it was a bad choice and it was like stealing and when asked why she did it she said she was hungry. Hopefully it was a lesson learned.

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