Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Goodwill Hunting

Last Friday I went Goodwill hunting with some friends. They took me to all the best Goodwill's. It was a whole day of sales. The last weekend of the month here, all Goodwill's have 50% off of everything. I scored on everything I needed and then some. I thought I did pretty good for $39.50 I got:
2 dresses for Holly
1 sweater for Holly
1 Causal business jacket for me
1 dress for me
1 skirt for me
3 graphic tees for Josh (I hate graphic tees)
3 pants for next fall for Josh
8 pairs of shorts for Josh
1 pair of pj's for Josh
1 baby shower present onesie (with tags still on never been used).
I love bargains not to mention that some of these are Tommy Hilfiger, GAP, Old Navy. Not that my kids care or does it change if I would buy it. It just goes to show you can get good stuff at Goodwill if your willing to go hunting!
And don't mind that weird smell at the store- clothes go straight into the wash.
Thanks to my friends who took me it was alot of fun. Thanks to Holly and Katarina who were excellant even though they were stuck in a stroller for 4 stores spread over 51/2 hours.

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  1. Gotta love that goodwill store smell. Mmmmm...I'm imagining it now! Sorry I missed it.