Friday, January 7, 2011

Holy presents, Santa Claus!

The kids totally scored this Christmas with presents, between Tu-tu, Grandparents, Mom & Dad and Santa Claus, I kinda feel like it was too much. But off the high horse I go. They loved it. Josh helped hand out the presents. We all opened our presents Holly stared at this Barbie wedding set for quite a while.

Josh could barely put the Buzz Lightyear down to finish helping his Dad hand out the presents.

Everyone was happy. We all lazed the rest of the day away playing with our new toys. I didn't even get out of my p.j.'s.

As a tradition from my family. We have our big meal Christmas Eve and then on Christmas we eat leftovers and appetizers. No cooking or clean up for mommy. I true day off. That in it's self is a spectacular Christmas present.

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