Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cookies for Santa

Doesn't everyone one where a Buzz Lightyear costume and tiara when frosting cookies?

Since I didn't let the kids touch my fancy cookies I did for the cookie plates I promised them they could decorate the cookies for Santa and for us to munch on Christmas day, eve and for however many days they'd last after that. I made a double batch of sugar cookies and Daddy, Mommy, Josh and Holly each got to pick out one cookie cutter then the kids helped me cut them out and I baked them. The next day when Grandma T, Grandpa T, and Uncle Pat got to our house. Grandma T , the kids and I frosted cookies. Actually for all but the last four Grandma T and I put frosting on the cookies. The kids would pick which colors red, green and white. Then the kids would put on the sprinkles. When we got down to the last four and I knew we'd have enough frosting I let the kids do the last cookies. It worked out well. That night they each picked a cookie to put on Santa' s plate. It was very exciting!


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