Tuesday, January 4, 2011

First time on craigslist

I have officially sold something on Craig's list. The people that lived here before us were kind enough to leave behind somethings that have come in handy. For instance:

A huge tarp, I mean huge: I used to cover my garden during the frost as well as other projects.

A dolly: that we have used to move many things around.

Kitchen table and four chairs: The round table now is going to be the computer table for the kids play area and then will be their homework/craft table a little later on. The chairs I love the shape, though I plan to repaint them and we use them as extra seating when we have dinner guest, or use in the spare room for guest that sleep over and want to have a place to put their shoes on, or... you get the picture.

A big huge loungey kind a chair an Ottoman: That my mother-in-law was very happy to take home.

A wet/dry vac: Don has used this in our demo many times and it does a good job on my car too, when I remember to vacuum out my car.

A washer and dryer: They both work and I just sold them on Craig's list. It took about a week. The proceed went to getting bi-fold doors for my laundry area and a door, framing and trim for the door between Don's and my new offices.

There are some other random things like the cement bench outside that I see a beautiful flower garden surrounding, but we won't go into that now. Thank you, house owners before us, for either thinking this stuff was junk or being to lazy to take it with you. Your junk has been helpful to us!

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