Sunday, January 9, 2011

A great day!

Today at church it was a great day. There was potential for rough waters. One of my counselors was sick and needed to go home (she was sick and wanted her to get rest so I am glad she went home. I f I was a true southerner I would say "Bless her heart".) and the Stake primary leaders came to visit, but all my teachers were there and my music team. It was awesome. Our music leader makes learning so fun. She made this huge dice that you roll and on each side of the die it had different ways of singing. Like sing while pinching your nose, or sing in a whisper, or with your hands over your ears. May sound kinda funny, but the kids loved it and I don't think that they realized that they were singing the same song over and over. Very sneaky.

For sharing time I am the one who did it. The kids did really well in participating and seemed interested. I am super proud of my senior primary. When I told them I was looking up a scripture in the Book of Mormon; they all got out there Book of Mormons and started looking it up too. I had more discussion with them and the scriptures, reading them and talking about the meaning of them. I felt like they were interested and not just sitting their with the glazed over look.

I had the opportunity to talk with all my teachers today and I just think that we have powerhouse teachers. They are really getting the kids involved with the lessons and encouraging them to not only bring their scriptures but to open them and read from them. I'm just really excited for this new year and the theme: I know the scriptures are true.

So a challenge, for everyone. Read your scriptures everyday. If the primary kids can do it so can you!


  1. Sounds like you have an awesome music leader! You are so lucky to be surounded by dependable people who are also super cool.