Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Cookie Tradition

Every year my mom and I would make Christmas cookies (by the way my mom's not dead just on the other side of the US, hence the "would".). We would plan out what were going to make vowing to only make 4-5 different kinds and never keeping that vow. We would start early in the morning determine and end early evening a little to punch happy and daring anyone to ask us, "What's for dinner?".

Well, every year now that I live in Tennessee I get that cookie making twitch and I have to make cookie plates. I made a list, again not keeping to my only 4 different kinds of sweets- it's just too hard-I also made a list to who I would give them to. One of my friends was like where do you draw the line. I was like that's easy: people that VT me, people I VT, my kids' teachers (for Holly that is 6 different people), my 3 neighbors, and my mailman (because I am too cheap to tip. I would have gotten the trash guys, but I wasn't sure where to put it). Well I thought this was a wonderful plan until I started thinking of the other friends that I have that don't fall into these categories and the guilt started. So to these said friends- I will get you next year and bake more!

The bandaged hand you may ask. My oven hates me and will only open 1/2 way so when getting something out of the oven I managed to burn the top of my hand than pull downwards (you know because it was hot) and then burn by my wrist which was facing down. Yes, I am very talented and my loving husband bandaged me up. By the way he did add his name to the cookie list this year too.


  1. Yummy! Care to share some recipes? :)

  2. Really it's o.k. I am sure I consumed enough of my own caramels to gain at least 3 lbs. I am secure enough to not need your cookies...I'll take fresh produce from your garden or homemade salsa over cookies any time...they look delicious.