Sunday, November 15, 2009

Josh in school

No pictures here. I met with Josh's teacher this week for a conference. I just have to brag a bit. He is doing excellent. Yeah! He is already in a C reader and he just missed the D. He can write all of the end of the year kindergarten words already. She says he is well behaved, shares with the other children and plays well. He knows all his sounds, letters, shapes, colors, and is able to read well, as well as starting to write sentences. He is one of her favorites. Okay, so she might say that to all the parents, but it is only true in my case. I am so proud of him. Now we just have to see how he stands with his Speech teacher.

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  1. I'm totally not surprised! From what I've noticed, Josh is a very fast learner. Of course, he wouldn't get very far without his super-committed and supportive mom!!