Sunday, October 4, 2009

Friday & Saturday updates

Josh dragged all these limbs by himself. (They are limbs from a neighbors yard that fell in ours)

Lattice work. CHECK Trees in front yard cut down. CHECK

Front room 3 walls are primed (it took two coats that was some dark paint. I couldn't do the last wall because Don's dad is still patching a hole)

Moved light switch in kitchen from one wall to the other. CHECK

Put real outlets in the bathrooms and safe ones in the kitchen. CHECK

Put in sub panel and bathroom fan in master bath. CHECK.

More updates to be done Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. For me I am painting, painting, painting on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday I have to pack everything that's not already prepped.

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  1. Everything is looking great! I love all these updates!! Keep them coming!