Sunday, November 15, 2009

Arwen's surprise!

This was totally awesome! Okay, here it what happened. My sister-in-law (best friend)s 30th birthday was November 7th. That was the same day my mom was leaving here and had a lay over in Houston, TX about 10 mins away from my brothers house. She decided to surprise Arwen and extend her stay. Arwens mom came to a surprise conclusion as well. Mike (my brother was already planning a surprise party). My mom mentioned it to my grandmother who offered to fly me out, much to my excitement. Arwen sister also travel up and her Aunt and Uncle. All of us coming and it was a complete surprise! It was so hard not to talk about it the weeks leading up to the time. She thought that her husband had given her a massage for her big gift as well as dinner out with friends. Little did she know Saturday (the 7th) we were all in town running around and getting food, decorating her house and dressing up like pirates, ARGGGGG. Yes, I did say pirates that was the theme. Check out the cake it was awesome! She came back from her massage and much to her dismay the garage door wouldn't open (Mike had dismantled it, forcing her into the house by the front door). She opens the door and all her ward friends and neighbors yell surprise. Then my mom and her mom and sister yell surprise from the stairs. Then her other sister and I run in from the back room and yell surprise. Oh it was awesome! She was crying for ten minutes.
We ate and she opened presents (my mom had a bunch of her friends and family write in letters about Arwen and we put a book together, more crying). We also played games. And after all the regular guest left the rest of the family stayed up and played some more. I was up a full 24 hours but it was well worth it. I had so much fun!
Here are pictures of my brother and mom, Arwen and I, Arwen crying at the beginning and the family shot: back left to right: Tina, Tanya, Arwen, Aunt Victoria, Me (not flattering). Bottom: Cami and Lorien

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