Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Torn Decisions

Today we went to the library. Josh, Holly and I were in the children's section. Looking for books and playing. I had my back turned looking at beginning books for new readers, when I looked up and couldn't see Holly. Okay, I thought she is probably with Josh on the other isle (I could see his head over the 1/2 isle) looking at books. I go and check, NO! So I looking frantically. A lady points out another little girl, I'm said oh, that's not her. I start speed walking pass the young adults, SHE'S NOT THERE!! I am now facing the main part of the library (It's not that big of a library). So here's the torn decision. Do I run outside to see who is trying to stuff her in a car or do I lap the library? I think calm down, Stacey she's in here, but if I don't go outside I could loose time. I ended up lapping the library. As I get to the second set of shelves she is still not there. Do I shout out her name in the library or do I keep silent? I saw a little prayer. Last section not there, I start thinking my daughter is KIDNAPPED! Do I yell HELP MY LITTLE GIRL IS MISSING!!! I was about to do this when I came back into the children's section when the original woman had Holly and pointed me out to her. I was sooo relieved. I still don't know where she went, but she is now sleeping in her bed and that's all that matters to me.

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  1. So scary! Next time yell out her name, I would! You'll find her fast, maybe! We really never know how to react in a crisis. We always question what we did later. so glad you found her!