Saturday, August 22, 2009

House Update

So, the other offer fell through and we had a chance to put our offer in. We offered they countered, they offered and we countered, they accepted. (little yeah). Nothing is a done deal until the appraisal and home inspection. We were suppose to have the home inspection this morning, but they never signed the accepted offer, only a verbal. We were not going to pay for the inspection until that was signed. She finally signed, but she tacked on another $900 in the price. We needed the paper work changed and written and signed again. Their agent couldn't get a meeting with the daughter. Finally, the agent got ahold of the parents ( who supposedly hold the deed) and they signed it with the correct price, since no one could get a hold of their daughter who is selling it. How that all works I have no idea. Then when we got that they put on the wrong date for the inspection to be done by. Any ways as you can see this is never a sure process for us. Our agent assures us buying a house is usually not this bad. As of now we should close between September 15th and 28th. WE SHALL SEE.

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  1. So exciting and yet so nerve-racking! Good luck!