Saturday, August 22, 2009

Practicing Writing

School is coming. All the other grades have started. Josh went in this week with all the other kindergartners to get tested, so the teachers could see how they would break up the students in classes. Then next week the teachers are breaking their classes up into groups of five and having a different group come in each day to acclimate the kids. Josh gets to go on Wednesday. The following Monday he will start for good. Poor kid will get about a month or a little more at W.H. and then go to P.R. Hopefully it won't be that detrimental to him.

Here we are practicing writing with a pencil and some other school stuff we are doing at home to get him in the mode to go back to school. Holly had a little lime light as well.

Another side note: I am so nervous for Josh to go to school. There are so many what if's in my mind. Most of them don't matter like: What if other kids don't befriend him? or worse make fun of him. What if older kids pick on him? What if the teacher doesn't understand him? What if he doesn't pay enough attention? What if he doesn't improve? What if he doesn't behave? I know that it will all be fine, I hope that I will only feel this way with the first child starting in the school system. I can't believe my baby is this old.

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