Saturday, August 22, 2009

Proud of myself

I know it isn't really good to brag about being cheap, but I am! Sometimes I just get excited about these things.

When going to baby showers I always want to get something cute and fun, but my budget doesn't tend to allow that. I thought I would have to get my friend Crystal diapers (there is nothing wrong with that) because it would be the thing I could afford. I went to Wal Mart and saw these cute little dresses for $3 dollars each, except the pink on was a buck. I thought it would be so cute if I made little bows for her baby girl to go with the dresses. I went over to the fabric area in Wal Mart and got some ribbon you can buy off the spool so each cost me like 30 cents. I added pink and white pok-a-dot ribbon to the pink dress where it and its ruffle meet and added a little bow on the chest area. (Hard to see here wish I took a closer picture). So while I watched a movie last night I made and tacked bows then stapled them to an index card and hung it on the hanger. $12 dollars and a little time and I was pretty proud of my gift. Not only that for the most part they are not all pink. Yeah!

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