Saturday, August 22, 2009

The strange young attachments

On the way to Josh's school this week, Josh asked me if Jessica (his babysitter) would be there. I told him no that he is five and she is fifteen, so she goes to a different school. A few minutes later he told me "Mom, when I am done being five I want to be sixteen." I asked him why. He said," So I can go to school with Jessica, I love her." I tried not to laugh. When I told Don this story at the dinner table, Don looked over to Josh and said,"Give it up Josh, she is way out of your league." Jess, if you ever read this, you're breaking more hearts than you know.

Not only is Josh in love, but Holly has a great deal of love for her brother. As we left Josh with his teacher at the school and walked to our car, Holly looks at me and says, "Mom, you left Joshie!". I tried to explain to her on the way back to the car that it was time for him to start going to school. That in two more years when she turns five she could go to school too. I got her strapped in the car seat and started the car. She was thinking about something, she finally informed me that this birthday she wasn't going to be three she was going to be five so she could go to school with Joshie. To top it off. About 25 mins before it was time to pick Josh up, I told Holly to clean up, it was almost time to get Josh. I have never seen that girl clean so fast. I was on the phone with my mom and Holly told me,"Mom, come with me, get off the phone, let's go!". I don't think she missed her brother at all. Soon she will be the only child, what a change.

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  1. Jessica is a good babysitter. Your kids are so sugary sweet!