Sunday, September 23, 2012

Holly turns six

It was Holly's birthday.  She wanted a rainbow cake and pizza for dinner. (Mommies homemade pizza has been the birthday pick for years).  Any of you that know Holly she loves fruit, so she was way excited for this fruit rainbow cake.  I had grand ideas of cupcake clouds, but put the cake on too small of a plate and then it was just silly looking.


Holly got some really cute new outfits from Grandma and Grandpa, she wanted to pose in her own way as I took these pictures.

 Holly also got GIRL legos, Barbie clothes, high heel shoes (the only thing she wanted for her birthday when asked) and dress-up clothes from Oma and Opa.  Josh got her earrings (which really means mommy bought and wrapped them and Josh handed them to her).  We got her a mermaid Barbie, Barbie accessories, nail polish and something else. Even our sweet neighbors gave her a gift.  This girl made out like a bandit!

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