Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Cub Scouts here we come

 Josh has been counting down until the time he could go to Cub Scouts.  He goes to a troop that meets at our church building.  His den leader is awesome, she has a ton of boys since the beginning of summer.  Oma and Opa gave him part of his uniform and we got the rest. 

One of their activities they went to the firehouse and took a tour.  The firemen got a call while we were there, but they came back shortly after leaving.  The firemen were very patient and answered all our questions.

 I think this was the best part of the tour.  They turned on the hose and the boys played in the spray that dropped from the main stream.  He has gone swimming, picked up trash at the park, worked on Faith in God and other goals, and he is still excited.

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