Sunday, September 9, 2012

Family visits and summer

So here we go, the summer review.  Sometimes I think back about a summer and think that was a busy summer, but what did we really do.  Thank goodness for pictures.  So for the next week we will have summer review/catchup.

My brother Mike and his wife Arwen and their kids: Dallin, Eden, Marion, and Emmalynn came for a quick visit and we loved every moment of it.  They live overseas so anytime we get to see them is 
wonderful.  They came for Josh's birthday.  They came and stayed at our house.  All the girls in the same room (giggle-giggle) and 
 Josh and Dallin bunked it in the basement.  Poor Dallin got sick at the very end, but other than that we had a wet time.  We went to the downtown splash pad and the communtiy pool.  We had Josh's birthday party.  And of course staying up late and playing games. 

I love to play games.  I can play cards with my sister Arwen for hours, and we did.  We talk, eat, play, laugh, get loopy, it's awesome.  I really miss them.

Not only did my brother and his family come, but my parents came too.  Oma and Opa, as soon as they left my kids want to know when they'll come back.  The really sit down and play with the kids and listen to them.  The should get grandparents of the year awards.  While they were at my house Dad was introduced to Skip-bo and played many games with Josh.  Mom and Dad were introduced to Angry Birds on my sisters I pad.  I love when my family is all around me.  I guess that is what the celestial kingdom will be like.

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