Sunday, April 3, 2011

A week in my life

I had this great idea I would take picutres of things I did during the week, I ended up with way too many pictures. But her are some. For anyone that really knows me I am a schedule freak. It bring sanity to my life. Monday: Go walking; do laundry/change the bedding; make bread; make treat of the week and FHE treat; pick-up Josh; homework; dinner; FHE.
Tuesday: I went walking (here are the girls in the double stroller waiting to be pushed as I walk); I swept, vacumed, and mopped all my floors; met with Katie to go to children's museum-for free!

go and pick up Josh from school. Holly buckling her seat belt. That is a wonderful time when kids start doing that themselves; read while waiting in line to pick-up Josh at school. Go to the co-op to get some plants for the garden ( a little disappointed not quite the nursery feel, but the feed store feel which is exactly what it is, but not what I was hoping it to be. Over all great prices.)

Read my scriptures (this and making meals are just part of the everyday life).
Make sure the kids get a shower or bath; went to book club (didn't read the book but had to say good bye to a friend that was moving and got introduced to Magpies a yummy cake/cupcake place).

Wednesday: Our pre-school for Holly was canceled due to the teachers child being sick. No problem everyone meet at the park. Holly rode her bike and we flew a kite. I haven't done that for a long time. I got caught up in the moment. After picking up Josh plant the plants I bought the day before. I was suppose to dust today, but it just didn't happen. After dinner a meeting with the bishop for primary.

Thursday: walking; WEIGHT WATCHERs; lunch; nap; pickup Josh; pay bills. That night I went out with the girls and we went appitizer hopping. We went downtown with these cute eateries and took turns paying for appitizers. What a great idea, thanks Aimee. This was a yummy pesto fondue and brushetta. It was soooo good. Each resturant was yummy and it is just the right amount to share and not get stuffed.

Friday: Drop-off Josh; no walking instead went to 50% off day at goodwills (went with friends, had a great time with Marla went out to lunch with her); clean bathrooms; pick-up Josh; homework; dinner; game night at the Teeds.

That was my week in a nut shell. It is not glamourous, but it is my life and I enjoy it. Even the everyday chores, meal making, homework helping, and kid rearing. It's a full time job and I am the CEO of this family. I think our company is doing well!

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