Friday, April 8, 2011

Her own style

Holly loves dresses and skirts. Although spring has flirted with us here, it is still necessary to wear pants and most of the time a sweater or jacket. I thought that I would post of few of Holly's combinations. I forgot to take a picture of today's out fit. It was a long sleeved blue flowered dress shirt with a plum skirt underneath that and jeans under that.

These were earlier this week. A little summer dress, (which I will always make her wear a t-shirt under, but I would pick white in color), with a purple stripped tee underneath and jean stretch pants under that. In the morning she had a lavender sweater to keep her warm and don't forget the purple high heel shoes that she loves to clomp around in.

The last one actually worked and I wished I had gotten a picture when she had her pink raincoat and matching rain hat on. Plus her rain boots and matching umbrella in tote. This ensemble is a cute lime green tee, paired with a bright blue

ruffle skirt (you know ruffles are all the rage this season) and sparkly leggings to go underneath.

She just loves her skirts and maybe she will start a trend.

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